About Rebecca

Rebecca is a 2020 graduate from the Arts University Bournemouth, where she completed her Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing. Specialising in short and long form fiction, Rebecca enjoys creating complex and memorable characters within a deep and structured narrative, all framed in a world designed and built to be a character itself.

Fox has multiple short stories published in the 14th Issue of the Arts University Bournemouth's student magazine: BUMF, and in the Creative Writing course's Anthology: 'Wayward Words'. During her work as a copywriter for Wizard of Content, her articles and blogs have been published with high-end clients.

Rebecca has worked with a New York Times Best Selling Publisher and wrote crime detective novels, and currently works as a copywriter with Wizard of Content. She is working on multiple projects, including finishing and editing her novels, copywriting, and creating short horror and thriller fiction in her spare time, alongside streaming a variety of games on Twitch.

Below are the links to Rebecca's work in the AUB Student magazine and recent blog posts for companies such as Office Freedom and EM Wellness. 

BUMF: Issue 14 'Contrasts' 

Office Freedom:  Future Proofing the Workplace in Our New Normal / Overcoming Miscommunication in the Modern Workplace

EM Wellness: Breathing Mindfully During a Massage/ Massage Therapy and Tight Muscles / How Does Massage Therapy Reduce Stress? / How Massage Can Enhance Your Exercise Routine / The Benefits of a Wellness Massage

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